A-Skin Care Salon in Waltham, MA, 02451
A-Skin Care Salon in Waltham, MA, 02451

Our Services: Facial Treatments

​​Rosacea and Sensitized Skin Peel $35. This treatment is designed to help ease redness and blotchiness.

Glycolic Treatment $45. This treatment provides a new level of skin rejuvenation. Glycolic acid is an exfoliating agent which works on skin's rough outer layer, leaving a healthy youthful glow. It smooths complexions, balances irregular skin tone, softens dry skin, leaving overall smoother texture. In addition to treating acne and extremely dry skin, it minimizes the visible signs of aging by diminishing the appearance of fine wrinkles.

Grape Wine Peel Treatment $45. This treatment is a natural alternative to Glycolic and Salicylic Acid peels. The 20% multi-fruit acid complex made with white grape wine and anti-aging fruit pulps gently exfoliates the top layer of skin cells while providing essential polyphenol nutrients and antioxidants to the skin, making this a total anti-aging peel treatment.

Décolleté Treatment $55. This treatment includes a multi fruit acid complex to gently exfoliate the top layer of skin cells while providing essential nutrients and antioxidants to the décolleté. A crème masque is applied to hydrate and rejuvenate mature and environmentally damaged skin. A replenishing contouring crème is applied leaving the skin revitalized and toned. This treatment strengthens the elasticity and firmness of the delicate skin that should not give away your age.

Vitamin C Treatment $45. This treatment smooths and plumps your skin leaving it radiant and vibrant. It is a sun-damage anti-stress treatment.

Collagen Peptide Treatment $57. A few forms of collagen and biopeptides layered over your meticulously-prepared skin. The super hydrating effect is instant and long-lasting.

Eye Collagen Treatment $40. Intensive eye treatment that provides immediate, on-the-spot beauty care for maximum refreshment. Developed with special hydrating and energizing ingredients. Total luxury for the skin! Especially for fine lines, loss of resilience and signs of fatigue.

Deeply Moisturizing Hand Treatment $25. This treatment is for hands that are dried and need to be revived. A wonderful way to relieve chapped, tired hands. It includes exfoliating and moisturizing treatment, heated mitts and a relaxing hand massage. Your hands will love you.

Lip Treatment $18. The harsh months of the winter can dry lips to a peel just as well as summer months can sizzle away hydration and even sun burn the tender skin of a smile. A lip treatment exfoliates away dead skin cells on the lips, hydrates this uniquely sensitive skin and will give you a refreshed glowing smile.


Sunburn Treatment $95. Our method is based on dissolving the dead cells with a special liquefying solution. After that we use a collagen mask to help the skin repair itself. At the worst point of sunburn it takes ONLY FIVE DAYS for the process to be complete with an average of one to two sessions.


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