A-Skin Care Salon in Waltham, MA, 02451
A-Skin Care Salon in Waltham, MA, 02451

Our Services: Facials

You look your best when your skin looks and feels its best.  Let us take care of all your skin care needs, while teaching you how to help yourself when we are not around.



When you come for your first facial at A-Skin Care salon expect something different. Originally a nurse, I cannot remove that nurse from myself. Whether you come for “the works” or just  pampering, you’ll go home with detailed daily skin care instructions supported by every product listed. It will last you four days – then email me with feedback. It might be corrected, if necessary. Once the transformation happens you are welcome to order every product in full size.


We offer the following treatments:


​​Facial - Deep Cleaning $115. May take 60-90 minutes, so please be patient, don't rush, enjoy.
This is a customized European skin care treatment for all skin types. This treatment includes skin analysis, steaming, manual extraction, enzyme exfoliation, and massage for the face, neck and shoulders, with a finishing mask. It will leave you feeling clean and refreshed.

Extended Facial $137. May take from 90 minutes to a couple of hours.
This skin repairing and strengthening treatment is intended to help super-clogged or acne-prone skin. The extra time allows the aesthetician to concentrate deeper on extraction and other necessary procedures she might select based on her expertise and hyour skin condition.

Rosacea Facial (60-90 min depending on complexity of work) $125. This facial is designed for very sensitive skin associated with rosacea condition. It includes skin exfoliation, extraction, soothing pampering, while reducing redness and blotchiness.

Facial without extraction (45 min) $105. This treatment includes all parts of the regular Deep Cleaning Facial other than extraction.

Deep-cleaning facial can be performed anywhere as needed, for example:
Back Facial - Deep Cleaning (60-90 min) $115. This treatment includes skin analysis, exfoliating, back massage, warm compress, extraction and soothing masque.


Heavenly Facial (60 min) $150. Make this the time to nurture yourself from all angles. Enjoy the one-of-a-kind incomparable treatment for your hands / or feet while we are working on your face. The combination of moisturizing and heat does wonders for your achy, tired palms and soles.


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