A-Skin Care Salon in Waltham, MA, 02451
A-Skin Care Salon in Waltham, MA, 02451

Signature Pedicures & Manicures

     You are an individual, so your treatments should be distinctly tailored to your needs. You have much to offer in the unique traits imprinted on you through life and from what you have inherited genetically. In this way, your feet can often tell a clear story of who you are or what you have experienced. They are your body’s foundation in more ways than one. Many things in your life can shape them: the way you walk, the shoes you wear, the sports you play, the work you do, and even the food you eat. When evaluating your feet, I take all of these factors into consideration so as to give the best holistic care. Learning about how you interact with your feet every day, allows me to find the correct solution to the problem.

     Do you experience discomfort walking? Perhaps you have involuted nails. Depending on your nail shape we can consider the tamponade method, and/or a correction system: BSBrace, Onyfix, or a titanium wire. Or perhaps you have corn calluses. I can remove them painlessly, then suggest at-home care. Of the numerous conditions, I can help apply some magic to alleviate pain.
     I also don’t ignore the basics of rejuvenation with a pedicure. Your feet will be cleansed with a special soap spray and scrubbed with a seaweed exfoliating product. After that I use a keratolytic mist to allow for removal of dead skin cells which softens the foot and makes callus removal easier. I will then work around your toes to remove the excess, troublesome skin. Finally you will be rewarded with a therapeutic foot massage, and if you so choose- I can paint your nails with dazzle-dry nail polish. Your feet will walk out feeling younger and happier. To help sustain that feeling, after each visit to A-Skin Care Salon, home recommendations and remedies will be provided according to your condition.
I want your feet to be kissable at any time.

Manicures are performed in a similar manner.

† - If the correction system gets detached within two weeks of application call me right away and I will reinstall it the next day as a courtesy.

German podology-style pedicure - $90


Manicure - $55

Dazzle-Dry Nail Polish Application (hard-dries in 5-7 minutes) - $15
Shellac - $30

French Manicure is not available


Gel removal - $15


Nail Correction System (usually performed at a separate day than pedicure)

1 Brace - $65

2 Braces - $120


Tamponade - $7 ($12 for 2)


Normally my clients schedule their appointments as frequently as every 3-6 sweeks to get all of the debris cleaned on a regular basis. That is done meticulously usually with the help of dental-style instuments & equipment, that allows for most effective treatment.

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